Organic Miyazaki Koubi Shiage Oolong Tea from Yuuki-Cha Review

  Last modified: April 16, 2013  

I want to share my experience with just amazing organic Miyazaki oolong tea called Koubi Shiage from Yuuki-Cha Japanese shop.

Koubi Shiage is a classical kama-iri (pan-fired) Japanese oolong tea from Gokase Town, Miyazaki, Japan, that has undergone a strong heat finishing during the final stage of production.

This tea is my long time favorite. It has a rich taste of delicate Belgian chocolate or maybe even closer to Carob tree pod aroma, good elevated roasted taste. It is not 100% fermented, between dark leaves you may notice some lighter more greener parts. Leaves are coming large enough and even with some stems, like karigane, but really about 1-2% of quantity. The taste and aroma of it are fairly similar to famous Wuji Da Hong Pao Chinese teas.

This tea is a dilemma for me. It is really interesting and must be brewed properly. When I steep it on 100°C the first steep is just heavenly. It’s strait chocolate tasty slightly campfire aroma is amazing. Just pure fantasy. But later steeps are becoming a bit taste of burned leaves, a little bit sour like drinking some water diluted sweetened charcoal, just a little bit, and the taste flattens. I think the leaves are getting burned by boiling water. But such a get high first steep worth it.

When I put 80°C water from the beginning next steeps are also very good. But can’t get the epiphany of the first steep, as on 100°C steep. So you should try both methods. You will get about 3-6 steeps, depends on a temperature you choose for your steeps.

The shop’s page on this tea recommends 95°C, but it’s a compromise 😐 Another thought, maybe it’s just my teapot brews it so. Need to taste it with some thin walled vessel. Please share your advise with me.

P.S. Brewing in gaiwan may be better, easier to control time. More good steeps.

4.8 / 5 stars     
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