Allow Your Tea to Rest after Shipping from Abroad

  Last modified: May 26, 2015  
Old Chinese Teapot

I’ve seen this many times, but yesterday I was amazed again by a difference in taste of tea received from abroad that rested about a month here. It is a quality sencha delivered from Japan.  Shipping from Japan usually takes about 5-7 days here. So it didn’t spent a lot of time in post offices and transportation. Still when I got it and tasted, the tea was good enough, but not super super good. Now when it rested about a month or more at my cupboard it become just profound.

Needless to say, when shipping from China takes a month, it’s very important, to have your teas rested at least 2 weeks or better a month before you enjoy it.

Pu-erh tea needs more time for acclimatization

This is especially true if we compare Pu-erh teas, which are usually tightly packaged for shipping. Never try puer teas upon receive. It could be a big disappointment. Ugly smell and bad taste could lead to misunderstandings. I remember my first puerh toucha that I wanted to trash, when received and tasted it first. After a year here it became just great. Leave it open and give it some time to acclimatize.

Always unpack it and let it breath. After several month taste is much better, but at least give it a month before tasting. From my experience at least 3 months are preferred for Pu-erhs. Make it your rule.

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