Tea Shops I Like to Use

  Last modified: December 11, 2012  

Just a quick note on shops I use (send to somebody interested); delivery times are shipping time to Israel.

www.wanlingteahouse.com – they send to Israel in 4 days from UK.

Japanese very good shop: www.yuuki-cha.com/organic-japanese-oolong-tea-kuchinashi – equivalent to Chinese Tie Guan Yin, www.yuuki-cha.com/dark-roast-oolong-tea equivalent to Chinese Da Hong Pao. Great unglazed tea ware here: www.yuuki-cha.com/japanese-teapots comes in about a week. Try their kamairicha www.yuuki-cha.com/organic-tokujo-kamairicha-green-tea

Very good shop in China www.teavivre.com  – with free shipping (about 15-20 days to IL) and cool support.

Good Taiwanese shop, order samples here: www.teafromtaiwan.com/shop/tea-samples and great tea pots at low price: www.teafromtaiwan.com/utensils/teapots

All this shops have free or very cheap shipping.

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