2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan from Chawang Shop

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It’s getting hotter here in Israel, and I decided to drink a this lightly oxidized Oolong small vacuum packed sample from ChawangShop manufactured by Zhengyunxiang Tea Factory. It should be similar to Tie Guan Yin, just another cultivar from the same region, with oblong tipped leaf.

One of famous oolong teas from Anxi is Benshan. This is a light roasted with low oxidation (only 10-15%) high mountain (Gaoshan Benshan) oolong, carefully processed in early October. This tea comes from Xiping village. Emerald green rolled leaves have slightly orange fragrance.

When put in a rinsed gaiwan it is immediately smells of mellow rose. On rinse it has an aroma of Tie Guan Yin though.

1st steep 93°C for 1.2 min.: yellow greenish appearance, mellow and sour daffodil TGY smell, excellent sweet and sour deep taste. Buttery. In the same time mellow and delicaty, but I gave it too much time, so taste became bolder. Anyway it’s really great!

2nd steep at 95°C for 1 min.: greener liquor, more vegetal smell and taste. Balanced sour bold taste with lingering sweet aftertaste. Leaves are opening and unfolding, coming out of gaiwan, as always :0

3rd steep – as I’m not succeeding with short steeps today, will make it a lower temperature, 90°C and 1.2 min. something: Less aroma from the cup now, the taste is more sour and buttery. Leaves unfolded about 70%.

4th steep at 95°C for 1 min.: very sour now, with sweet aftertaste and crispy vegetal feeling.

Several more steeps are not bad, but less interesting, still can drink some 2-3 more infusions.

This tea is very lively and refreshing, yet smart and deep. Great fancy autumn bold taste. I’ll have to buy it.

4.8 / 5 stars     
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