Zesty Lotus Tea Blend from Hankook Tea

  Last modified: April 20, 2013  

I’ve got a sample of this blend from Hankook Korean Tea Shop. I prefer not to drink any tisanes, but I had to try a sample, especially if it’s blended with Korean Oolong, that I’m always eager to drink. Also it’s been a long time I wanted to try some Lotus teas.

Awarding winning blend of partially oxidized tea with lotus leaf tisane – all grown under the care of Honam Tea Estates (managed by Hankook Tea). A bold balance of zesty and fruity notes, followed by buttery smooth, roasted flavors that end with with a subtly sweet finish that lingers on. Lotus leaves are known to be great for cleansing. It helps to eliminate bad breath, remove nicotine from the body and relieve hangover symptoms.

First steep at 100°C for 3 min.: Cacao smell spreads in the air when pouring the water. Leaves smell floral after water is out. Dark woody color of the liquor. Woody burnt buttery oolongish aroma. Rich taste of dark oolong with temperate grassy notes of lotus leaves. [Oolong tea leaves were prevailing in the part dry leaves mix I took for this steep. If you take more of lotus leaves taste will be completely different: more vegetal and zesty!]

Second steep at 100°C for 3 min.: Less concentrated liquor. Nice moderate aged oolong taste.

Third steep 100°C for 6 min.: Sweet liquor with moderate lotus notes, somehow similar to later GABA tea taste.

Fourth steep 90°C for 20 min.: Probably lotus taste comes out. Again similar to later GABA steeps, woody with little tea notes. But smooth and pleasant.

The tea is nice, and if it will help to my health, maybe I’ll prefer it to clear Lotus tisane.

4 / 5 stars     
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