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  Last modified: January 19, 2013  

Bai MuDan, literally “white peony” is a type of white tea, less refined then Silver Needle, which contains only buds, but named so for its cozy Peony scent and tiny white hair. All leaves are very different, unopened buds, whole leaf, parts, even some stems. Looks naturally authentic and organic.

Bai Mu Dan  is dried under the sun for 1 to 3 days, very gently oxidized. Whole processing is minimal to retain original tea qualities, as other white teas. Therefore it is considered healthy. It is organically grown at Mt. Taimu, Fuding, Fujian, China.

Short rinse spreads grassy flowery early spring smell.

First steep at 87°C for 2 minutes, probably too much, should be 1 min., but tea is very nice, amber color, little astringency, same aroma as at rinse, grass beneath the snow and little sweet flowery flavour. Deep Dragoon Well like pea undertone. Creamy liquor. Great!

Next steeps are less lively, but still buttery and flowery and elegant. A little bit sweet and lingering.

Long (5min.) fifth steep produced a different taste with nutty milky notes, similar to Taiwanese oolongs, but I’ve probably gone too far…

For 6th steep I’m trying 100°C water. Still full of nutty and creamy buttery flavour, this tea is not going to die any soon! And I still didn’t got much caffeine in my head, very good for me.

Seventh, leaves had sunk by now. It becomes lighter and sour a bit, like going back to the beginning. Interesting.

This tea gives much more than I expected, very good and deeper then you used to think about white teas. Truly natural genuine farmers tea feel.

4.7 / 5 stars     
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