Organic Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) from Teavivre

  Last modified: January 19, 2013  

This is an excellent tea from excellent Chinese tea store. The white tea is just unprocessed tea, and silver needle contains only unopened white hairy buds with all their contents yet unused by the plant. Therefore it is believed that white teas are the most healthy.

Dry leaves are in the form of long needles and are in silver green color. Brew it at 80°C as all delicate and precious teas for about 1-2 min. Later after i.e. fourth steep 90°C is also appropriate.

Aroma is amazing and brings a reminder of spring to one’s mind. Personally I name this tea “the essence of youth“. It is indeed very delicate flowery lingering liquor. Yellowish light brown in color. This tea is all about delicacy, elegance and hi style.

The tea leaves are gradually sinking when you brew them. After some third steep they are covering whole space of liquid in your tea pot. They produce beautiful Chinese scenery, so people love to meditate over this pictures  during the steeping process. At the last steeps you’ll see the leaves at the bottom of your tea pot. That’s why white teas are brewed in a glass ware.

White teas must be consumed very fresh after plucking. But nowadays I know Chinese also make puerh out of them. Need to try such pu erh one day.

4.7 / 5 stars     
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