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  Last modified: March 6, 2013  

Striking long glossy green tea leaves of Tai Ping Hou Kui are very beautiful and look tasty. They have a light caramel scent.  This tea is excellent to brew in a tall clear glass to see its leaves changes during the steeps.

The tea is made from one bud with two leaves that come from a large leaf variety of the tea plant found only in Anhui province.  During processing the leaves are pressed flat in an oven, giving the tea its unique shape.

Quick rinse and 1st steep at 80°C for 1.5 min.: Fairy lake smell and elegant green flowery taste. Need to drink it fast from my glass, as I’m drinking directly from it. There is some astringency accumulated during the time in the glass, but not too bitter. And still tasty and sweet.

2nd steep at 80° starting to drink after some 30 seconds: caramel like sweetness note appears immediately. Reminiscences of water meadows. Leaves look more natural, lighter green colored.

3rd steep at 80°: sweet liquor with flowery note. Lingering in the back of the mouth.

4th steep at 80°: more sour but still tasty and fragrant. I’ll continue with several more steeps.

Great tea, beautiful and lively.

4.5 / 5 stars     
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